How To Get Ready For Your First Chiropractic Visit

What you need to know for your first chiropractic visit

When you try something new, you often don’t know what to expect. Seeing a chiropractor for the first time can make some people feel nervous, because they do not have much context. Here, we will describe how a first chiropractic visit goes in our office, and how you can get ready to have a great experience. Even if you have seen a chiropractor before, we may do things differently in this office. Learn about our approach, and services. Read below about how to prepare for your first visit.

Getting ready for your first visit to a chiropractor

Filling Out Paperwork

Here at Alternative Space Chiropractic, we like to have as much context at possible before starting care. Please take your time with the intake forms and fill them out as thoughtfully as possible. Please email them to us at so we can review them before your visit.

How to dress for your first chiropractic visit

It is helpful to wear comfortable clothing to a chiropractic session as you will move during adjustments and assessments. You will remain clothed for the duration of the session, but please keep in mind that bulky fabrics such a thick denims and sweaters can make it harder to work on you. Please remove jewelry such as necklaces and earrings as they can pose safety concerns and are easily misplaced.

When you arrive

When you come in, please remove your footwear, belts, and outerwear and place them on the coat rack or basket. We have a basket under the table for loose objects such as phones and keys.

Starting your first chiropractic visit

We will start your session by reviewing your history and the doctor will listen to everything you have to say. After we have discussed your reasons for visiting, we will assess your health from a holistic chiropractic perspective. Next, you will experience your first adjusting session. This is gentle and specific, and will be matched to your comfort level. After the adjustments, there will be a few minutes for feedback and questions. Later that day, you will get an aftercare email with some recommendations.

It should be noted that although this is extremely rare, the doctor reserves the right to delay treatment if there is a safety issue.
Please read our late, cancellation, and no-show policies before your visit.

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