Innovative Chiropractic Services You Need to Grow

Our family business offers chiropractic services in our healing space in DUMBO, Brooklyn. We also have a showroom for beautiful and one of a kind human-made ceramics from lemnhem studios.

While you are under care, you will feel the benefits of personalized and detailed attention. Our practice members tell us that they prefer our approach because it feels different every time and gets to the core of their challenges. When you visit us, you will feel that we know that no two people are the same and assembly line approaches and machines can not recognize or feel your unique needs. Because we are hands on, you will get what you need from every session. You can finally receive the deep level of care and understanding that you deserve with our unique chiropractic services.

Chiropractic Services


Do you want to see if we can help you? Schedule a complimentary consultation.

Initial Chiropractic Visit – required for first time visitors.

Standard – 45-60 Minutes – $295

This visit includes a consultation, chiropractic assessment, and first gentle adjustment.

Extended – 90 Minutes – $435

This is intended for those who need more time or have more complicated or serious health situations.

Chiropractic Services for Consistent Care

Regular, consistent care creates ease in your life, brings your body into balance, and makes you feel good. When we start care, many clients are far from their normal and it takes time and effort to return to balance.

Private Sessions

We use a variety of techniques based on your individual needs.

Our most popular chiropractic session lasts for 30 minutes and includes a spinal and extremity adjustments, massage, fascia and muscle work, breathwork, and energy balancing.

We also have a more express option, for those who only have 15 minutes. This includes full spine adjustments, energy balancing and some light breathwork or soft tissue work.

Extended sessions include all of the above and may also include Gua Sha (IASTM) and cupping upon request or necessity. If you are interested in Gua Sha or Cupping, please book a 60 minute session to allow enough time for these modalities and full body work.

15 Minutes – $100 – for an express visit

30 Minutes – $195 – our most popular option includes more in depth soft tissue work and extremity adjustments

60 Minutes – $385 – for very deep work, severe symptoms, Gua Sha, or Cupping

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Packages, Subscriptions, and Transformation Program

Our transformation program for new clients consists of a detailed and personalized plan that is to be followed for 12 weeks. However, if you are an existing client, we also have several options to help lower your per-visit costs. In order to do this, we offer pre-paid packages with no expiration dates and subscriptions. Also, we offer an 8-pack of 30 minute sessions for $1,480, a 10-pack of 15 minute sessions for $950, and a 6-pack of 60 minute sessions for $2,195.