Frequently Asked Questions – Read Here For Helpful Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we take Insurance?

Alternative Space Chiropractic welcomes people from all demographic groups and backgrounds and encourages and empowers clients to take charge of their own health. Investing in your health is always a decision that pays off.

We do not participate in any insurance networks and do not deal directly with any insurance providers. Our top priority is providing the best care possible, and exceptional service is rare and valuable. You will truly be seen and heard, and our work respects and enhances your uniqueness.

For those with out-of-network insurance benefits, we can provide a superbill that details the diagnostic and treatment codes for your reimbursement. We accept credit cards in addition to FSA and HSA credit cards for your convenience. If you want to pay with cash or a check, please contact us directly to book a session.

What is an Adjustment?

An adjustment is a specific application of a force to release a subluxation. For optimal benefit, we take many variables into account. Some of these considerations are your health history, conditions, ailments, goals of care, tone, body type, global and local posture, positions of involved anatomy, vectors, arcs, contact points, ripple effects, tension tracks, neurological status, blood flow, fluid accumulation, and ideal timing.

For a more simple definition, an adjustment is an input that creates a change in your body. Each adjustment is a step on your growth journey.

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