Introducing Our Approach – Be Your Best Self Under Care

Dear Clients,

When discussing my approach, I prefer speaking directly to you since the nature of this work is so personal.

Many clients have told me that I am unlike any chiropractor or healthcare practitioner that they have worked with before because of my approach. This is based on my philosophies, how I assess the body, the techniques I use, and the connections I see. I don’t just treat you like a list of symptoms or bones out of place. In my approach, I look for connections between your history, what shows up in your body, and how you function. These connections help me find what adjustments you need and show us the keys to how you can look, feel, and perform at your best.

A client describes her experience under regular chiropractic care with Dr. Josh (short version)

Things you should know about me:

  • I am a nerd for biological and physical sciences. Frequently, I will teach you about anatomy, neuroscience, biomechanics, and physics. I teach a bit at a time so you learn how to feel better and be healthier, but not feel like you’re in school.
  • I only make a few recommendations at a time so that you have an easier time following through. No one really wants a ton of homework, so I like to make it count. Over a long enough time period, these suggestions will help you live your ideal life, one step at a time.
  • I will teach you how to move and use your body better.
  • Root causes aren’t always physical, but can also be mental, emotional, or spiritual. These roots will always reveal themselves in time.
  • At heart, I am a philosopher – various thoughts, ideas, and philosophies have allowed me to completely change my life. I help my clients transform their lives too, which comes down to making better decisions that support their vision of their ideal life.
  • Philosophy is a powerful vehicle, as all healing and change come from within us.
  • I love what I do and will do everything I can to serve you well.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” ― Carl Gustav Jung

Every person has their own path in life. The better you know your path and stay true to it, the more ease, joy, and abundance you will experience. Chiropractic work can help you find and stay true to your path and experience life how you want to. In this era of information, we have more power than ever to discover who we are and live the life we want. But the price of this access to information is that it’s easy to get distracted or lead astray. When you are more in touch with yourself, you can ignore distractions and discover information that will help you live life as you choose.

One of my philosophies is that everyone is entitled to have their own perspectives and beliefs. It is not my desire to change people or convince them of anything. But I feel that it is my job to help, guide, and advise people about how our bodies work, how to maintain our health, and how to improve our wellness, longevity, energy, and vitality. That is why I do not just limit my approach to only working on the physical body – I also work on connecting all aspects of my clients so they may grow and progress in their lives.

Growth and Decay, there is no maintenance

I believe one of the laws of the universe is that of growth and expansion versus decay and contraction. What people describe as maintenance, I believe is more akin to stagnation, or a slow, insidious decay. One of our ongoing choices in life is between growth or decay. When we are in a growth state, we feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at ease. In this state, our physical health also tends to flourish. When we are in decay, we develop unpleasant symptoms, ailments, pains, disease, and lose our energy. The nature of my work helps people shift from decay to growth and stay there.  

In each session I see my clients as a blank slate and look for what needs to happen that day to help them grow. Some days we do entirely new things, and on others, we continue to work on a theme or thread that hasn’t fully processed or released yet. By taking the time to slow down and understand what needs to happen, we can optimize each adjustment in terms of the many variables that go into it, such timing, vector, force, contacts, and so much more. There are many factors involved with each adjustment and no two are ever the same.

There is a lot more to you than just your pain, symptoms, and ailments. Chiropractic care helps most people feel much better within a few weeks, but true resolution requires consistent effort and becoming connected to yourself. Symptoms can lead to growth and self-discovery, or they can limit you forever. The choice is yours.

If you want to learn how working with me and this approach can help you live a more comfortable and complete life, then book a complimentary consultation today.

To your wellness,

Dr. Josh

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